Trust IS the Glue (part 5)

Why is trust so elusive for an organization?

While trust is so fundamental to an organization’s real potential for success, it remains elusive to achieve. There are so many factors that will influence your trust ‘quotient’, some of which are hard to define. In essence though, the ability to attain and maintain trust comes down to people.

It’s people who will ensure trust stands or falls. It takes diligence to safeguard against the hard won trust being wiped out by one action or a poorly worded comment. Gaining and earning trust usually needs time to build, yet it can be destroyed in seconds.

It’s not the rules or values hanging on the walls that build trust but what is happening in the halls. Are you aware of what’s going on ‘in the halls’? Are you adding to a culture of trust or are you responsible for diminishing it through your personal behavior?

Do you listen to your team members and actively seek their ideas, perspectives or feelings? Are you congruently setting realistic expectations? Do you do what you say you’ll do? Do you make only promises you know you can keep? Do you give credit where credit is due?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask, to judge for yourself (or let others respond to these questions about you) how you are personally contributing (or not) to a culture of trust.

If you suspect that a culture of trust is not living and breathing in your organization, start making it a priority.

Throughout this 5 part series of articles, I’ve mentioned a variety of ways you can do this. Peruse the first four at your leisure. And implement just one action.

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