Trust IS the Glue!

My work this past 12+ years has focused on supporting employees in developing healthy strategies to weather the adverse situations which come onto all of our paths. I’ve come to realize what the title of this workshop says: Trust IS the Glue!

Change mindsets, open mindsets, growth mindsets are terms bandied about and rightly so: without the ability to adapt to change, we’re going to become irrelevant.

For me, what’s missing in all this dialogue are the essential building blocks needed to ensure this can take place. Without trust, and without its sister qualities of connection, curiosity and courage, the vulnerability needed to build it is going to be hard to find.

This half-day workshop (which can be extended to a full day with adding the fourth ‘sister’ quality of trust – collaboration) will explore the foundations of trust, examine one’s trust bank account status and create a plan for building trust in one’s team. Its especially designed for (team) leaders and their teams.

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