Recovery + Renewal = Resiliency

This  program is designed to kick-off and build upon your employees’ awareness, knowledge, and their personal leadership skills to enhance their wellbeing. Information, tools and techniques are offered to assist them in becoming more effective, engaged personal and professional managers of their lives.

This leads to increasing their resiliency during challenging situations.

Contrary to what is often believed, we aren’t born with the ability to deal with stress and be resilient. In a perfect world, we’d learn this from our parents and educators as children. In research done by Shawn Achor and Michel Gielen of over 11,000 adult participants, 91% had maladaptive responses to stress.

Since stress is the #1 occupational challenge, it is imperative that the workplace ensure these skills are embedded. An environment needs to be created “where employees and leaders are confident they can handle situations and stressors that come their way in a manner that is healthy, challenging, and conducive to growth”. Dr. Susan David Harvard Medical School Psychologist

This half-day workshop or full-day training program, developed and evolved over the past `12+ years, has been given many times. It is highly evaluated for content and usability in both the participants’ personal and business lives.

“…thank you again for the opportunity to observe and participate in this training  It was a powerful and practical learning experience, and I can’t think of anyone in our company who wouldn’t benefit from it.” Stephanie, Global Leadership & Learning Manager for a Global ‘Big Four’ Firm.

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