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Creating Waves has partnered with Quan Well-Being since 2021,
with their science-backed, data-driven, well-being assessment

High impact, low time investment
2-3 hours per quarter is the time investment per person.

Driven by the team, not by HR
Team leads are armed with objective information on well-being that helps them become facilitators rather than delegators. Depending upon what areas are at risk, support from expert Partners is made available to enhance the Team Leads knowledge base. In this way they are empowered to re-balance their team’s well-being.

Based in Science

  • Partnership with King’s Business School
  • Researching well-being at a team level
  • Led by a world-leading researcher

Measures 5 dimensions

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Meaning
  4. Social-Connectedness
  5. Self-Fulfillment

A Strategic and Sustainable Approach

Quan has the only science-backed, data-driven well-being assessment that objectively measures team well-being and, when necessary, provides the expertise to follow-up with what’s needed.

The assessment provides a framework both for the individual (anonymous), the team and the organization to regularly measure, manage, and improve well-being.

It also provides data on an individual’s personal and work life to build a complete picture, highlighting the teams top well-being strengths and risks including the underlying reasons.

Teams are offered recommended easy-to-implement rituals to improve their way of working. These rituals have been selected for their effectiveness in organizational and psychological research.

The 200+ teams already working with Quan are seeing improvements of 10-16% in key indicators such as decreases in stress and burn-out, and increases in work-life integration.

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