Harnessing, Harvesting & Embracing our Differences

“How organizations could be so quick to dismiss the work experience & wisdom, coupled with the life experience the 50+ workforce brings, is mind boggling to me. When I was in full time employ this was the generation that guided me when I fell, when my head got too big when I needed advice or guidance or a push towards bigger things… invaluable!”  Rodney Frank

It starts with assessing the needs of your intergenerational workforce. Once these needs have been established, together with a host of experienced DEI trainers from two of Creating Waves’ Partners, Amplify DEI and the Wize Move Society, a program will be developed.

The aim of this program is to mitigate unconscious biases using, among other tools and strategies, VR technology. Breaking down the stereotypical thinking that is ubiquitous in every workplace, is essential. This is needed to create a safe culture across all generations, so younger and older can work together harmoniously.

The program will also be designed to create a space for conversations to take place as one approaches ‘possible’ retirement or redundancy. This includes what is desired for any upskilling or reskilling necessary to make a positive transition.

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