A Gift of Resiliency

The Recovery + Renewal = Resiliency program is designed to kick-off and build upon your employees’ awareness, knowledge, and their personal leadership skills to enhance their wellbeing. Information, tools and techniques are offered to assist them in becoming more effective and engaged personal

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Harnessing, Harvesting & Embracing our Differences

“How organizations could be so quick to dismiss the work experience & wisdom, coupled with the life experience the 50+ workforce brings, is mind boggling to me. When I was in full time employ this was the generation that guided me when I fell, when my head got too big when I needed advice or guidance or a push towards bigger things… invaluable!”  Rodney Frank

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Trust IS the Glue

My work this past decade has focused on supporting employees in developing healthy strategies to weather the adverse situations which come onto all of our paths. I’ve come to realize what the title of this workshop says: Trust IS the Glue!

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Savvy About Sleep

Many organizations will think that sleep isn’t a topic they need to be concerned about. Why should attention be given to when and how employees sleep, is a common question.

The impact of too little or poor quality sleep can’t be underestimated! Not only does it concern safety, but as well, the productivity, creativity and innovation will be impacted.

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The Art of Appreciation

Appreciation (showing one’s gratitude) is one of our most important needs. To feel appreciated for the things you do and to appreciate the work you perform, is essential for a thriving workplace. Learning to
appreciate oneself as well as others, helps in accepting criticism and feedback openly.

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SPARQzone: Connect | Explore | Grow

Experience the tranquility

and weightlessness through the gentle rocking motion, which brings you back to your natural state of human ‘being’ – in touch with yourself, while connected with your colleagues. It becomes a ‘mindful hangout’, literally and figuratively! There is no wifi in SPARQzone but we promise you will find a better connection.

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