Interview Recordings

Here follows a number of links to online podcast and other interviews in 2023.

In early October 2023, I was invited by Sam Reeve of CompTeam, to their ‘People Strategy Forum’ podcast. The topic was ‘Resilient at Every Age: Beating Ageism and Promoting Resilience in a Multi-generational Workforce’.

A reality in today’s world of work is that age discrimination still exists. Companies are still hesitant to hire older individuals and quick to lay them off in disproportionate rates. They are missing out on the (research-backed) benefits of having a multigenerational workforce. Together we debunked the popular image of older individuals in the workplace that portrays them as slower and less resilient. I shared some of the science behind resilience that shows it can be built at whatever age and life stage. Tune in to learn how to leverage the unique contributions of older individuals in a multigenerational workplace paradigm.

In mid-October 2023, Nicoline Huizinga‘s published the interview we did for her ‘Design Your Success’ podcast. Nicoline works with solopreneurs and one of the tools she uses is Human Design. She entitled it ‘A Heartfelt Manifesting Generator’.

In this interview, we spoke about the motivation that spurred me on to starting my company. We also spoke about the multiple areas I’m passionate about and how this multifaceted approach brings me energy and fulfillment. I hope you’ll enjoy the insights we share from our hearts!

In this episode of ‘Go 2 Thrive’ on Vivian Acquah‘s ‘Let’s Humanize The Workplace’ podcast,  we  delve into an essential, yet often overlooked aspect of business: fostering supplier diversity to not only enhance business performance

but also promote innovation, drive competition, and contribute to community development.  Vivian and I discuss its importance, share success stories from leading firms, and provide practical tips on how you can make your supply chain more inclusive.

Vivian Acquah and I challenged and dismantled the concept of ageism, in this ‘Go 2 Thrive’ episode of ‘Let’s Humanize the Workplace’. We delved into the societal prejudices and stereotypes associated

with aging, and offered fresh perspectives that challenge the conventional wisdom around age. Our aim was to engage in a discussion that breaks down barriers, inspires change, and affirms that when it comes to potential and value, age is indeed just a number. I invite you to listen in as we redefine the narrative around age and open up a world of possibilities unchecked by the calendar.

In April’s ‘Go 2 Thrive’ session, Vivian Acquah and I tackled the complexity of intersectionality in this episode of ‘Let’s Humanize the Workplace’. We spoke about how important it is, when we’re speaking about inclusion,

to look for those things that connect us, that bind us. Being curious about the other person, starting the (sometimes) courageous but need conversations, is how we bridge our differences. It’s how we break down barriers. Being sincere in what you’re asking contributes to a psychologically safe place for both to be in.

Psychological safety. Without it, all your efforts in building a diverse team or organization are wasted. Vivian Acquah and I speak on this important topic in our March ‘Go 2 Thrive’ episode for her ‘Let’s Humanize the Workplace’ event.

As always, in an informal chat format, we share our individual ideas on why this is crucial to the well-being of the individual, team and organization. When it’s absent, the creativity and productivity of your (diverse) team is greatly diminished.

In this first edition of my ‘Go 2 Thrive’ conversations with Vivian Acquah on her ‘Let’s Humanize the Workplace’, we introduced the format we’d have in moving forward. We also shared our thoughts and concerns on the massive layoffs that were happening from mid-2022 and continuing on to even today.

We talk about the importance of valuing departing employees, offering support, and considering other options like reskilling or repositioning before letting them go. We also look at some positive examples, like Stripe and Facebook/Meta, and discuss the need for companies to admit their mistakes and show vulnerability. We shared AiyyoShraddha’s video on YouTube parodying being laid off, when she’s part of the company’s ‘family’.

In January’s Quan ‘Ask Me Anything’ interview with Katerina Stepanova,  I spoke about how YOU can help your teams build stress hardiness and resilience skills and strategies. Topics included:

  • What stress is — why it’s not always bad.
  • Why we need resilience skills.
  • What resilience looks like on a daily basis individually and in a team.