(Keynote) Speaker

(Keynote) Speaking/Presenting

To get an impression of my speaking/presenting for various podcast and recorded interviews from 2023 onward, please visit my Interview Recordings page.

As an experienced speaker and presenter, I bring elements of humor, interactivity, and knowledge, together with a passion honed from in-depth study and experience. I speak to groups small and large, and love sharing the message that we have the power and the ability to influence our health and wellbeing. We can be masters of our emotions in ways that are supportive and resourceful.

As a seasoned podcast interviewer in our Go2Thrive series, together with my co-host, Vivian Acquah, from 2018 – 2020 we interviewed many well-known international thought leaders on the topic of thriving (work)spaces and employees.

In October 2019, I moderated two Women in Tech Regatta panels: ‘Keeping Teams Engaged – Leading yourself to remain an effective team leader’ and ‘Resiliency Tips For Those Rough Waters: Navigating The Low And High Tides Of Your Career’.

In September 2019, Vivian and I presented at the Innovative Organization Festival in the Netherlands. Our topic: The Top 5 Reasons Why People Leave Organizations.

Also in September 2019, I moderated two Rise and Lead Summit panels, with the focus on: ‘Closing the Gender Leadership Gap to Build a Sustainable Business: Addressing The Leaking Corporate Pipeline’ and ‘Leading with Purpose and Soul’.

In June 2019, I had the opportunity to address an audience of more than 800 attendees at the 2 day GTD Summit in Amsterdam. The topic: Building Blocks of a Thriving Team. 

Other topics, for which I enjoy sharing worthwhile ideas are:

Emotional Agility

Trust IS the Glue!

Savvy about Sleep

Smart about Stress

An Attitude of Gratitude

(Age) Inclusive Workforces

Personal & Team Resiliency

Each of these topics can also be given as workshops or trainings, alone or in combination as part of total package, to provide a deep dive into creating waves of well-being.