Workplace Well-Being in 3 Steps

Give your employees the best possible tools, to thrive.

Workplace stress is often unavoidable and sometimes even desirable. But poorly handled stress at work, or in one’s personal life, is costing your business profits and your personnel their health. It’s the # 1 workplace well-being challenge in the Netherlands.

Our Strategy in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1) Meet and determine the organizational well-being needs
Step 2) Measure employee well-being to determine individual needs
Step 3) Design and implement a strategy to embed a well-being program for thriving employees and your organization

Step 1: Meet and determine the organizational well-being needs

Together with your HR / management team, we will review the challenges you want to address, in creating a thriving workplace for your employees.

Step 2: Measure employee well-being to determine individual needs

The next step is to determine a baseline measurement of your employees’ well-being and engagement, using the Quan science based Well-being Assessment. Over 200 companies are seeing the benefit of 10 – 16% improvement in key indicators such as decreases in stress and burnout, and better work-life integration.

Step 3: Design, implement, embed & measure

Once we have the data results from the Quan assessment, an interactive learning program can be designed and implemented, to ensure sustainable wellbeing results at all levels within your organization. Based upon the principals of Positive Psychology, among other disciplines, participants will learn the importance of achieving greater self-awareness. This in turn leads to increased resiliency, emotional self-management/agility and engagement which will be monitored on a quarterly basis using the Quan well-being assessment.

Together with our Partners, Topics for Thriving Include but Are Not Exclusive to:

Emotional Agility

Trust IS the Glue!

Savvy about Sleep

Smart about Stress

An Attitude of Gratitude

(Age) Inclusive Workforces

A Springboard to Personal & Team Resiliency

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