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Nothing IS Something

Next to the work I do in my company, one of my focuses over the years has been supporting women in advancing their careers and achieving gender balanced leadership. To this end, I recently co-authored and helped publish a book entitled ‘Ready for Female Leadership: The Future is NOW’. In the past few years, I’ve […]

Trust IS the Glue (part 2)

Trust is the Glue: be an emotionally inspired leader! According to research by Richard Boyatzis, Professor at Case Western University in the US, trust is one of 5 characteristics of an emotionally inspired leader. Building Trust Trust is an emotion you inspire in others and it’s essential for a thriving workplace. You can’t demand trust. […]

Trust IS the Glue

My work this past decade has focused on supporting employees in developing healthy strategies to weather the adverse situations which come onto all of our paths. I’ve come to realize what the title of this article says: Trust IS the Glue! We all know that change is happening at an incredible pace, all around us. […]

Age Should Not Define Us! just as with any other ‘ism’

If there is one thing research is showing, it’s that the 50+ generations are needed more than ever, to continue contributing their value to society. “We no longer want to be on the sidelines but playing an active role in building our future, the economy and making a positive contribution to society! In fact, we […]

A Fixed Versus A Growth Mindset

If you think your character, personality traits and intelligence are static or that your ability to learn was determined by your genetic ‘pool’ (clean or dirty) or that what you’ve got in this moment is all you’ve got, then please think again. Research by Carol Dweck, a Stanford Psychology Professor, shows that “people’s mindset about […]