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Whistle While You Work

Impact of Music on Workplace Productivity Some interesting facts, in the infograph below by webfx.com,  on the benefits of music in the workplace, not only for productivity but also for well-being and engagement. In a Forbes article I found an answer to a question I posed to myself after reading this infograph: Can listening to […]

A New Day: A New Chance

Your Inner Critic  6 weeks ago, we entered a new calendar year. Fixing our eyes forward, I’m wanting to share with you some inspiring words of wisdom to continue into 2019 with a different mindset, a different perspective, and perhaps with more grit, creativity, and resiliency. New Year’s resolutions, goal setting, and good intentions are […]

Thinking Makes it So

Did you ever stop to realize that our thoughts create our reality? That they even create and change our physiology, our internal chemistry? Thoughts Are That Powerful After you read this article, you will be a changed person. That’s my promise to you. Awareness is the first step to change. Since after you’ve read this […]

Holiday Needs in Your Time of Need

For many of us, the holidays, which are fast approaching, are a stressful time. Holiday stress manifests itself in a multitude of symptoms due to a variety of causes. Here is a tip that can help you celebrate the coming days in full holiday cheer: behind any one of your energy draining stressors, lies one […]

Resiliency in Communication

The Problem Have you ever been guilty of reading someone’s mind, assuming you know what the other person means? Have you created fiction for yourself from something you heard someone say? Have you jumped in, offering your two cents worth, not knowing the whole story and ending up with the proverbial foot in your mouth? […]

Know Thyself!

One of the Greatest Gifts Getting to know yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Paying attention to your thoughts, your feelings, to the bodily sensations created by these same thoughts and feelings to increase your awareness. If you know what direction your thoughts are leading you, if you’re aware of […]

What’s your chemical soup mix?

Photo Els ‘t Hooft: used with permission One of my favorite parts in giving a workshop, training or a presentation, is when I get to the ‘chemical soup mix’ part. I truly believe that when one understands what is going on physiologically, as a result of a stress reaction, then we’re less inclined to let […]

Feeling Safe, Feeling Valued, Builds Trust

Safety, Appreciation and Trust. Why are these qualities needed to ensure that employees flourish? What is it about these basic human needs, which makes it so important for organizations to recognize how toxic the environment is when they aren’t in place? Trust in the Workplace Much has been said regarding the importance of trust in […]

More Thoughts about Thoughts

The Quality of our Thoughts The influence and power of the quality of our thoughts is such an important topic, that I decided to share some thoughts more about thoughts with you. I published a previous post on this topic here. Every day we are subjected to a huge dose of negativity and fear-based news. […]