About Mary Jane Roy

In 2008, I discovered what makes me ‘tick’: supporting others in learning self-care strategies to manage their emotions and lead healthier and more productive lives. Stress is costing people their health, and businesses their profits.

This has led me to working within organizations, to foster thriving (work)spaces, so that personnel can reach their full potential, both online and ‘in person’.
We all have the ability to take control of our lives, our emotions, and our stress. We only need to know how!

Creating sustainable workplace wellbeing strategies with a network of professional experts (see footer) by:

Consulting and diagnosing what is needed in your workplace, to encourage employees to thrive.

Measuring the current well-being status of your personnel.

Providing a variety of impactful group workshops, trainings, and one-on-one sessions for building resiliency skills and emotional agility.

My Specialties:

Wellness workplace adviser, facilitator, coach and presenter to groups large and small; last but not least, a writer.

Certification as: Stress Counselor; NLP Master Practitioner; HeartMath Resiliency Coach; Gelukkig Werken (Happiness @ Work) Coach; Univ. of Penn, Foundations of Positive Psychology (Coursera.org); Yale Univ. Science of Well-being (Coursera.org); Skogsfloating Professional Trainer; and Sleep Coach

All have added to my mastery of the skills needed to thrive, in the areas of stress/resiliency/emotional agility and sleep, enhancing employees’ work-life integration and creating a thriving employee experience.

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